If beautiful sights, long easy trails, and fun times near sunny Santa Cruz homes sound appealing to you, then West Cliff Drive may be just the place for you. As a four mile back trail on the coast, this trail offers a variety of fun activities for families, friends, and even pets!

As you walk down this beautiful, nature filled pathway, stops are available for sightseeing, enjoying the salty air and smell of the ocean, and more active activities like surfing in the beautiful blue. Check out a tidepool on the way and maybe find some of the oceans most creative creatures. This recreational area is full of people and animals enjoying themselves in the cool breeze and summer air.

There are many key points of interest along this nature-filled path. Because the trail is self-guided, you can stop to visit any areas that peak your interest! Explore the Lighthouse Point, and bring some binoculars to catch a glimpse of the local dolphins or whales in the area. You may even see sea otters!

Santa Cruz Home to Surf Museum

Learn the history of surfing at another popular stop, the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. Don’t forget to rent bikes and take a biking trip up the trail. If you’re a surfer, the world-famous Steamer Lane is the place to catch a wave or two. The clean pathways that line the oceanic scenery bring good vibes to anyone present, and you will not regret a trip to this gorgeous gem!

Upon your visit to this activity filled attraction, the phenomenal sights of the coast will overwhelm you in the best possible way. Don’t forget to stay and watch the sun fade over the water, creating one of the most beautiful sunsets in your life! Not only will you enjoy every minute of this must-see adventure, but so will the family. This is a pleasant activity for the whole family!