What you need to know about our local market before buying or selling.


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The media is so loud these days about real estate’s doom and gloom; it blows my mind how hard it is to cut through all the noise. As top real estate professionals in Santa Cruz County, my wife and I sell around 50 to 60 homes per year. We operate a lot in the luxury market, and we know our market well. If you have fears about making your real estate move because of what you’re currently hearing in the news, we’ll share some facts that will clear things up and help with your buying and selling plans.


In the Santa Cruz market, some areas may have a slight decrease, but there’s not much of a drop in actual prices, and no organization expects them to fall significantly. At most, the gravest prediction sees small potential losses or short-term declines in some areas, but many also expect a 5% or 6% increase over the next year. People need to understand we have an extreme shortage of inventory, and we are nowhere near a balanced market. On the contrary, we are still very much a seller's market.


Many think there's nowhere to put their money and assume that the real estate market is down because the stock market is. However, the reality is there are all kinds of funds that are very stable and yield 7% to 8%. Some can even go higher but are also riskier.


"We’re still a hot seller's market."


It may be true that you won’t get the price that you wanted a year ago in some areas of the market, but you still can in most. The truth is that it’s still a hot seller's market. We have low inventory, and there are plenty of places to put your money. If you thought you missed the peak of the market, we will only truly know this after it recovers or falls.


It takes a little bit of faith and action to make things happen. If you have questions about this topic or anything real estate related, call or email us. We’d love to connect with you!