Some things to think about if you’re preparing your home for the market.


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Today we want to share a few things you should keep in mind when preparing your home for the market. 


Sometimes, sellers will contact us after they think they’ve gotten their home ready. However, they might’ve put money into projects that weren’t so important or left critical repairs unaddressed. 


In this market, you should contact us before you start preparing your home so we can guide you through the process. We can point out which improvements will give you a good return and what you might not need to fix. We also know plenty of contractors and subcontractors, so we can help find people to do the jobs you need, which can be a challenge here in Santa Cruz County.


Some sellers think they need to remove their belongings and leave the home vacant for showings. We find that houses show better with furniture; it feels more like a home and creates a better emotional experience. We can help you arrange things so that your property is photo-ready.


There’s a lot to preparing your home, so make sure you call or email us if you’re thinking about selling. We’re here to help you.