Referred agents generally give clients better experiences and results.


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It’s important to work with an agent who is recommended to you by somebody you trust either in the area that you live in or where you're looking to buy.


The first important aspect to consider is who's giving you the referral. If you have an agent you work with who gets tremendous results and you respect, go to that person and ask them if they know an agent in the area that you're considering. They can help you find a great agent in the areas you're looking to buy. In 2021, we referred a dozen clients to various agents in other areas and other states. Clients have outstanding experiences when they go to an agent that was referred to them instead of simply finding one on their own.


"Give yourself the best chance to have a great experience and get the results that you want."


When we have clients selling their homes here and moving out of state, we often connect them with an agent in that specific area that they're looking to buy. We've had the opportunity to speak at several different events over the years and teach other agents how to better serve their clients. We have a very large network of agents that we have relationships with. We're also part of a network of private agents, and we are the recipients of the Real Trends America's best agent award, reserved for the top 1% of all agents in the United States. We're able to tap into our network of other top agents and refer you to the right person.


Give yourself the best chance to have a great experience, and get the results that you want. Talk with an agent that you trust, a friend who has had a fantastic experience working with an agent, or have us connect you with exactly what you're looking for.


The next time you need a real estate agent or have any questions related to real estate, give us a call. We'll get information about exactly what it is you're trying to do and connect you with the very best agent in that particular area.