The highest offer might not be the best offer.


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We’ve all heard the stories about how crazy the market has been: homes selling way above asking price or selling within minutes. Some of those things happened, but the market has shifted. Unfortunately, a few myths from that time are still circulating, and I want to dispel four of them today:


1. You don’t need to renovate to sell. We sold our last four listings substantially above the asking price, but we had to make strategic updates to the home for that to happen. Our goal is to make sure you see a nice return on whatever money you spend.


2. You can price the home however you want. Pricing your home correctly is key. You want to optimize the interest in your home, and that starts with the price. Studies show that overpricing will cause you to lose money in the end.


3. You don’t need to market your home. You probably heard of agents who just take a few pictures with their cell phones. We spend thousands of dollars on strategic marketing right off the bat. Marketing appropriately is essential to getting you the highest price.


4. You should always take the highest offer. Why wouldn’t you? We had a client recently who had their new home purchase in escrow but needed to sell their house first. They ended up choosing a cash offer over a higher financed offer because there wouldn’t be any problems with the cash offer. That’s just one example; there are plenty of reasons why the highest offer might not be the best.


I hope this helps clear up some of the misconceptions out there. If you have any questions about this or other real estate topics, feel free to give me a call at 831-239-3708. I’d love to hear from you.