Not only is the Santa Cruz Surf Museum next to Steamer Lane, a world renowned surfing spot, but it is known for its uniqueness and intriguing history as well. From surfboards to photos, the Santa Cruz Surf Museum contains plenty of historic surfing artifacts dating back to a hundred years! This small, yet charming museum is located on WestCliff Drive in the scenic Lighthouse Point. In fact, the lighthouse, a well-loved icon in Santa Cruz real estate, was created as a memorial to a local surfer from the area. While the museum itself is enjoyable to any surf lover, the views from this hotspot just add to the worth of the visit. Learn the history of local Santa Cruz surf n’ turf, and watch the sun settle over the ocean for some perfect sights and colors.

Enjoy the Outdoors While Touring Santa Cruz Real Estate

The Santa Cruz Surf Museum is a beautiful tribute to the many surfers in the area, and, if you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch a glimpse of these athletes out on the great blue waves! The museum has a free entry, but there is an opportunity to donate, in order to keep the wonderful historic place open for visitors. Take a look inside the museum shop, and check out some of the surfing materials and memorabilia! Maybe even grab a souvenir! In addition to all the fun items that the shop has to offer, there are books on anything and everything surf! Immerse yourself into a book on your favorite beachside sport! If you’re an outdoors lover, a devoted surfer, or even an adventurous mariner, this quaint, but informational museum is a must-see. Take a break along your relaxing coastal trip and visit the gem that is the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum!