Kasey & Brooke Hinchman

Kasey and Brooke Hinchman are quite the dynamic duo! They are partners in both business and in life, and together, they are unstoppable! They are both Santa Cruz locals, graduates of U.C.S.C., and they met in Felton… Awe! Kasey is an avid surfer, snowboarder, and mixed martial arts enthusiast. Brooke has a lifetime love of horseback riding and has won numerous equestrian championships over the years. They are national speakers at some of the largest real estate events in the country, training agents from all over the world on how to better serve their clients. Check out their Q&A to find out more about them…

Rotary of Santa Cruz, surfing, horseback riding, walking our dog on the beaches, and snowboarding. We love being outside in nature and we love to travel!

We REALLY love our family! Most of them live here in Santa Cruz County so we are able to hang out and BBQ, ride horses together, and take family trips to Tahoe.

We have one German Shepherd dog named Yara, who we rescued from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, two Cats named Isabella and Wookie, also rescue animals from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter and Animal Friends Rescue Project, and two horses named Rico and Classy, who were both trained by Brooke using natural horsemanship methods.

Our home in Soquel – We have over five acres of prime horse property that connects to various trails. We enjoy riding our horses and having fun with our family and our animals 🙂
Mexico –  We love Puerto Vallarta and spend a lot of time in Mexico. We are both fluent Spanish speakers and we love the culture of this beautiful country.
Big Sur & Carmel – We get away often to this magnificent stretch of the California Coast, enjoying everything from hiking and hot springs, to wining and dining. We are so blessed to live where we do, with so many amazing places nearby!

Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant in Aptos. Their staff is so wonderful! We have been going there for years and they treat us like family. Their food is delicious and the ambiance makes you feel like you are in Mexico.

Surfing at 26th Avenue and the west side of Santa Cruz as well as horseback riding at our home in Soquel, Henry Cowell and Wilder Ranch.